Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Patience is a virtue. Whoever wrote that never had to wait and wait I would suspect. Patience is ok when you know or even have a chance of something at the end. Say like trout fishing in a lake full of live food. Dryfly just won’t cut it but you try anyway as there is the possibility of a catch.
Ok I can still get to Relto and all the ages that I have already been to but to be alone forever. No, I would pack it all in first, burn my Relto book and be done with it. Yeah right!
But the longer things drag on the worse it is going to get. Apathy for the restoration is rife. Mind you I would imagine the restoration of D’ni is well good and buried. I hope I am wrong. I truly believe there are plenty more like minded people out there that have no idea D’ni exists. Ok I don’t want to see graffiti anywhere but it needs more publicity. We need to force some change. Force who though, who is stopping the instancing really? - The Bahro, Yeesha or the DRC with some technology found on some far off land and if so for what purpose? It is all a mystery. We need a change in the status quo. No not five band members.

Back to reality for a moment: Trying to figure out how to write a descriptive linking book is proving to be a great challenge. Not for the faint hearted. I see it as a lucky dip. You make sure you don’t have any contradictions and obviously stable but at the end of the day where you link to is totally arbitrary. Also what you write is not always what you see. I will definitely have to dust off that maintainer’s suit I obtained sometime back, can’t be too careful.

Another month another paper! It is getting harder and harder to find news. Yes I see a lot of ages being written but until they are finished, so we can have a gander, we can’t review much. Mind you we haven’t reviewed any ages at all. We were hoping that the GoMa would make their findings public and give us their reviews. It would have also been great to get an explorer’s point-of-view when they finally get the linking book. It would have to be an honest review and not a pat on the head for the writer though.

Not much news coming from the DRC either in fact they have been more quiet than normal, if that is possible. Only joking guys.

Apart from the paper and news feed my guild work is nonexistent. Actually I don’t think anyone is doing any guild work at all when I come to think about it. Mind you I suppose there is not much to do.

In the mean time I have some experiments to finish up in Fens and some more domestic duties to take care off. Now where did I put that hydraulic excavator?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Course adjustment 10 degrees right.

Wow! Is it been that long? Home life has kept me busy. Spring is always a busy time in the garden. Maintaining a house, need I say more?

Life is heading in another direction, no longer interested in Guild affairs, just in the news-flow and newspaper, has released some self imposed stress. I have now started the long process of deciphering and learning the ancient D’ni art of writing descriptive linking books. I have been drawn into the possibilities, well in the fact that they are endless. I am not that that good with languages, ok absolutely terrible but concepts and logic is another matter. So maybe I have a chance in writing a stable link to a stable age. This is where I feel patience will pay off. Gehn shows how it shouldn’t be done. So I must approach this with caution, learn as much as I can to start off with. Once I feel I have enough information I will start writing my first descriptive linking book. I see this is going to be the biggest challenge to date, soil composition, air quality, dynamic forces and so on to learn about. At least I have a rudimentary understanding on how our planet works. Which I suppose is a good place to start; I wouldn’t want to have a non-breathable atmosphere. But I will be relying on my guild siblings, yes the Guild of Writers over the coming months, years. Recently I meet a writer that just lives a few hours from me. I won’t mention his name as I may have to kidnap him to relieve him of his valuable knowledge. He is safe for a couple of weeks as he has just left the country, but “he’ll be back”. Mawhahahahaha

...........only joking Bob.

I feel my spirits lifting as I encroach into this new tangent of D’ni history, maybe I find something interesting or maybe something interesting finds me. I feel life may never be the same, on the side of good that is. Always looking forward and never behind but always remembering what has come to pass, lest we forget the mistakes of the past.