Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been Ages.......again

Well I finally did it. I am a messenger in name only oh and in paper only. Yep I have stepped back from Guild duties to concentrate on the newspaper and age writing or searching for more D’ni books. The DRC can’t have them all! It was a hard decision to step back. In fact I am still not sure if it was the right move. Have to risk sometimes!

Now that I have some time on my hands I went back to Fens to clear away the final remnants of my work there. Now I know I am not the most observant of folks but I am sure that linking book wasn’t there before. Oh Toroolbah is looking nice.

Also while I was in Fens I noticed that the low rumble that came from the other side had been replaced by a more high pitched call. I wonder if it is the same creature, finally gone through puberty. Well not everything has to sound deeper, does it? It will be sad to end my time at Fens. Have to pop back for all time sake in the future. Time to move on!

Bimevi has a strangely familiar looking rotating statue in the age now. Got to find out how it floats like that. Some sort of anti gravity device may be. Could be worth a patent or two but first I need to figure out how it works.

Also on my list of visits made recently was Tochoortahv, one of the Third Path’s ages. Glad I wasn’t there when that lunatic set fire to everything. Whoever it was is a skilled stone mason, nice clean lettering. “Outsiders will not learn the Art”. Yeah try stopping us. Then the next time I linked in I find it renamed Cass with the fire damage cleaned, wall hangings and an opening which leads nowhere, yet.

When it comes to age writing I am well not hesitant just cautious. I will be taking this slowly. Also I would love to uncover more about the D’ni. Not the leaders but ordinary D’ni folk. This means money and resources that I don’t have...yet. To go to parts that the DRC stopped us from going. There must be more books which survived the fall, uncontaminated, letters and all sorts of written documents down there.

Where shall I go next?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Got it!

YES. Finally, as a reporter this is great, as a person with feelings this hell but news is news.
This is what I do; this is why I became a messenger. (But not now)

Extra Extra

Just when I thought things were getting too quiet, something happens. I will have to don my reporters cap on and get moving on this. All I will say is that someone is not happy with us humans writing linking books.

Right anyone seen my pencil sharpener?