Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Least I am trying!

I know that I will never rise in the ranks of the guild and I am happy with that. The main thing is that I tried and put all my effort in to trying. Yes I have grown and am better for it, but I have now come to an impasse. I do have something good to offer, so what if it is donkey work, someone has to do it. Workers are the backbone of any society or community and without us things would grind to a halt, and anarchy would ensue. This is something that the D’ni lost track of, in my opinion.

Knowing ones place in society or a community isn’t about class and in my opinion I think it is destructive. But having a place or a purpose, if you will and finding that place can be difficult for some, it was and is for me. But what is important? Well personal growth for one, to strive to be better than a year ago; the willingness to learn new skills and how one uses them, for progress not for hindrance. Something else that I think is equally important is how one behaves towards others. Behaviour breeds behaviour after all and that goes for the good and the bad. It is also up to others to realise that the differences between us make up the whole. How we look and react to the differences between us all as a community says a lot in my book. I am the least, but at least I try to keep my feet on the ground and a level head and not to judge others by my own standards, to tolerate the different, and even to embrace it. Rant over.......

Where was I, oh yes the GoMe well with this experience under my belt I am finally starting to get an idea of what I am good at/for and what I am not, regarding this underground restoration. It’s not about thinking big all the time or being on a level above others, mind you I have never been like that anyway, “competitive”. It is about what we do for each other and why we do it. Most of the time intent is more important than the deed.

I consider myself to be intellectually sound, but highly educated I am not. After all these years, my lack of education has come back to haunt me. So what do I do in this world of literacy and high standards? Well step back a bit for one and re-evaluate my position in the guild. That will not stop me from growing further though, I have started something now that will endure as I have endured. I never thought I would love being involved in this type of community but it happened, why, because unlike the D’ni there are some that embrace the differences and try to make something good no matter what your background.

It has slowly become apparent to me that I am good for the “behind the scenes” work. Now this is ok if we had more volunteers. Yep volunteers, as we work towards the restoration for love, not money. It is always hard to find backers for big projects like this, I suppose no one has thought about the prospects of the travel industry doing well out of weekend breaks in an age far, far away. Hmmmm “Linking Mile points”, how would you calculate that? It would definitely give them all a headache trying to work that one out.

Now this volunteer work is also good as I have an innate sense to help others as much as I can, not for a pat on the back but because it is the right thing to do; so yes I am a serf through and through, the least and proud of it...

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Man, times are tough up here these days, petrol prices on the increase, that is why I like to link places – it doesn’t cost much right. What does it cost to link, well I don’t know about the cost these days but for the D’ni of old, well the price was pretty high I would say; the cost to themselves, to their society and the costs to the other races that were subjugated and turned in to slaves. These are the type of things I lie awake at night thinking about, which ultimately led my thoughts to the latest Bahro situation. Yeah I know that aren’t coming to the surface but they are still down in my instance of the city, with their deathly screeching cries echoing throughout the great expanse.

Now when I say Bahro, I mean the ones that are the here and now, you know the ones that have been drinking that stuff that gives you wings. Ok, if you didn’t know that the Bahro had wings - I can only apologise. Anyways if you are not familiar with the Bahro or the term Bahro I shall endeavour to explain the best I can. Now I am now expert but far as I can tell this term stems from a derivative of the D’ni language when the people split up and went off to another world called Terahnee, covered in the Book of D’ni; one of the myriad of written works that is out there for all to see. As far as I can tell from what is out there, Bah means Beast and Ro means People or Person, so Bahro, beast people or the Least. The Least, that is what the D’ni calls the lower classes of society. What they call themselves is unknown but the Bahro have seemed to have adopted the term. Perhaps they don’t have a name. I saw an article the other day in issue 15 of the Archiver, saying that the Bahro are a different creature as the ones that were imprisoned in Teledahn. Hummm I wonder...