Saturday, July 17, 2010


What happens to the newcomers to the cavern, are they welcomed, embraced with D’ni fascination or are they ignored. I have heard it is the later which upset me as I was embraced, encouraged and was accepted. What has gone wrong?

I linked into the city the other day and on the way back from the Library I meet a new explorer. I made a point of stopping to chat. Found out his name was Glehn and that his first time in the cavern was two weeks ago. I welcomed him and offered help. The chat wasn’t that long as he was in the middle of helping to calibrate the Great Zero. I thought “how hard was that”. I then meandered my way deeper into the city and shouted Shorah to a congregation of fellow explorers. I was just ignored. They probably thought “loud mouth Kiwi”. Not one person even took the small time to say hello back. No this can’t be, we can’t have surface life and manners being DRAGGED down there.

I blame the DRC, no more classrooms full of people listening to the ResEng of the day. No more patrolling the city looking for trouble makers. Mind you one cry of a Bahro and the DRC would scatter. There seems to be no proper welcoming committee to embrace the newcomers. No Bahro Glyphs tours (no these don’t contribute to the problems in the cavern I just miss them). Haven’t seen a Cavern Crier yet. In fact I don’t think I have seen an official green shirted Greeter either. Yes there are the Guild recruiting and profile raising events and numerous other types of events happening. It is the grass roots of the community making it presence known and felt in the Cavern that made the difference last time. They proved it can be done. Remember “behaviour breeds behaviour”.

What we need is more exploring together, more fund raising events...arr I mean group activities and a bit more give than take. To be honest I wish I had the answers. Maybe the Guild of Peasants can help.

For now I think my time would be best spent exploring these new ages that keep popping up, some old ages and some newly written. See if there is anything of value that can be plun....I mean used for good.

It would seem that humans are destined to write some worthy ages. Give it some time I think we will see some D’ni quality ages appear. Let’s hope we don’t make the same mistakes as the D’ni did. Short on copper? Write a special mining age that is copper rich. Strike that last comment.

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